Please join us for our third Cheadle Mosque’s Seerah conference on Saturday 22nd December – 7pm.

Learning from the Seerah – reflecting on and learning from the Prophet’s life and his example is a genuine way of showing our love for the Prophet – emulating his way of life is what love of the Prophet is all about.

There is a great line up of speakers including Imam Abid, Ustadh Rehan Salim and Shaykh Shafi Choudhry.

Join us for this important event insha’Allah. Of course families are welcome – there is also a limited creche facility and a full meal will be provided – from our good friends Aziz Catering.

Honesty not much comes close to a better Saturday night – Please join us at Cheadle Mosque on Saturday 22nd December and allow Allah’s Angels record who attended the Masjid to learn and come close to His Deen.