Salaat       Fajr    04:07

Sunrise      05:39

Dhuhr      13:15

Asr      18:24

Maghrib      20:50

Isha      22:10

Jamaat     Fajr       -

Sunrise         -

Dhuhr         -

Asr         -

Maghrib         -

Isha      22:10

25 June 2021
Asr Iqamah

4:29 pm

2 Hours 4 Minutes
Begins1:46 am3:44 am12:03 pm4:26 pm8:50 pm10:05 pm
Iqamah2:07 am12:06 pm4:29 pm8:53 pm10:08 pm


The CMA men’s Badminton club usually plays on Tuesday evenings but can vary depending on court availability. The club is open to all abilities and it is very much an opportunity to exercise, enjoy oneself and build brotherly bonds.

For further details including venue and timings, please speak to Br Kadeer 07780 442 414.