Ben Nevis Challenge 29th August 2021

The purpose of this event is to support the redevelopment of Cheadle Masjid, a Masjid that is close to the hearts of many and integral to the local community. Through supporting this event, the money you raise will insha’Allah be a Sadaqa Jariah (ongoing charity) for you and those who support you, therefore everyone who prays or learns in the new building will be a blessing for you insha’Allah.

The vision of this redevelopment is simple, to build a beacon centre that the Muslim and wider community can be proud of, a centre whose light permeates its locality, serving the education, social and welfare needs of all those who enter its doors. 

The new Centre will hold more events, run additional projects and give even more of the congregation the opportunity to volunteer and carry out good work. By enabling our youth to learn more about their faith, we will be building the foundations for a stronger future by inspiring the next generation to become the teachers of tomorrow.

We must build a new Masjid. We have been blessed to be able to deliver so many services to our community from our existing site, but with a new purpose built Masjid we will be able to do so much more.

Our vision for the new Masjid is to:

  • Build a multipurpose centre for all
  • Provide an inspiration for our future generations
  • Promote greater community cohesion
  • Create a modern centre for families and social activities
  • Provide better facilities for ladies and our youth

Start your own fundraiser for this challenge by clicking on the link below and then click on ‘Fundraise for us’