Cheadle Masjid Listening Service

We know that sometimes things can become difficult even the best of us go through these difficult times.

We know that the Prophet Muhammad SAW even went through a “year of sadness” so we know that people will face trials and tribulations.
Being able to open up to someone and speak to them about what you are facing can be helpful, to develop solutions and ideas of ways to move forward.

We have therefore set up the Cheadle Masjid listening service to do just that. Our volunteers are able to listen and give practical advice of support and signpost individuals to services that may be of help to them.

So if you are having any difficulties or concerns that you would like to speak about, please do organise an appointment through our Masjid for the listening service and insha’Allah we will try our very best to help.

To book an appointment please email: or call the office on 0161 437 1093