The Prophet Muhammed (saw) is very dear to us – he is our example, our role model as he was the best of mankind. Many people will say they love him – but loving someone is not just a phrase that we say – it is about emulating  their example and following the path they have trodden.  But to follow someone, to take someone as our role model  – we also need to know them.

This Seerah conference is a series of lectures about the Prophet (saw) – so that we may learn from his example, so that we may learn about his character – how he graciously treated people around him, his level of justice and accountability, his desire to help others….the list goes on.

Please join us for what promises to be a lovely educational event Insha’Allah.

The whole family is welcome, there will be a creche for children and dinner too.

It’s so important our children and families are connected to the Masjid so please do join us.