Cheadle Mosque Eid Open Day Extravaganza.

It’s just 2 weeks way..we are getting really excited and just that little bit nervous praying that everything works out well In-sha’Allah (God Willing). The event for us is a celebration of our community, it is about bringing people together, it is about friends and families enjoying each other’s company, it is about charity too.

Just to get you in the spirit, allow us to remind you of some of the attractions…

A) We have got donkeys – sorry not ponies as we previously advertised – but they still have four legs and they will take you for a ride!

B) We have Matt and his Go Karts – Matt is such a nice guy – that even if he came without his Go Karts – we would still love to have him.

C) We have talked about the food but let us mention it again – there will be such a variety of foods from around the world – from Pakistan, the Middle East, the UK and Italy (pizza – does that count?)

D) Benny’s Water Boats. Benny is quite a character and his boats are just class – I’m gutted that I’m too big to fit into them – but I have offered to be a whale.

E) Creepy Crawly and Animal show. Let’s be honest – a lot of us are not good with animals, unless it’s a goldfish. So we are doing our bit to encourage human-animal friendships – join us – you might find you will like to have a tarantula as a pet!

We are really looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday 9th September – Doors open at 12pm and there will be lots to entertain you. Failing that – there will be retail therapy : Ladies could purchase an outfit from “Zoya’s Eid Collection” or Zaynab’s Designer wear, they will be the Halal Sweet shop, a chance to indulge in Syrian sweets, Something from Sunna Skin care…. the list goes on.

We hope you will join us God Willing.