Al hamdo lillah we have submitted a new application for planning consent to redevelop the Masjid.  The application is now with the Planning department of Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, and can be found under reference PP-05829706.

We undertook a thorough review process of the previous application which was withdrawn in 2014 and implemented a strategy of designing and preparing a fresh application to build a new modern building which will improve our facilities and cater for the community’s long term needs. We engaged a number of professionals to provide advice and produce the necessary drawings, plans and reports; we also obtained feedback from the planning department and local councillors. To be even more thorough, our redevelopment project team engaged an independent review of the application to obtain a third party objective assessment of the application to ensure nothing had been overlooked. We are pleased with the final plans, the feedback received and trust that you are as equally excited about the prospect of a new mosque building with improved facilities for the whole community. 

The new application seeks the redevelopment of the site where the footprint is reduced by 11% and the openness is increased, with the erection of a modern and attractive new building 36.7% greater in volume. The parking spaces have been increased from 76 to 108 [a 42% increase]. An additional 11 cycle parking spaces will also be provided.

For more detailed plan click link at the bottom of this page.


As part of public consultation two drop-in sessions were held at the mosque during December 2016, and feedback from these consultations prompted CMA to change the façade material from white render to a combination of red brick and light coloured cladding.  This demonstrated that CMA is always willing to listen to the wider community and adopt changes where possible.

There may be objections to the application given the rise of Islamophobia, but we advise you strongly NOT to engage with any social media campaigns that may start seeking support against the plans, and this is in line with the advice we have received from our local councillors and the Police.

Please make du’a that the application is accepted so we can look forward to building a stronger cohesive community. We will keep you updated as the application progresses through the stages of the planning application process.

In need of your du’as now and always.  Thanking you for your continued support.


Cheadle Mosque redevelopment plan 2017.