“Cheadle Mosque’s Community Action team have been hard at work this month distributing winter packs for the homeless on the streets of Manchester and Stockport. The 100 packs were handed out on the chilly streets of Manchester City Centre as well as the Wellspring in Stockport. 
The pack was put together by the congregation at Cheadle Mosque – it was  made up of a fleece, thermal socks, toiletries and food packaged in a handy duffel bag. 
“The mosque is committed to helping all members of society; at this time of the year we are always thinking of those around us especially those that have fallen on hard times.”, said Rifat Mirza the project organiser.
Badr Javed added “Being homeless is a terrible experience, handing out these packs was a small token to help those in need and to let them know that they haven’t been forgotten”
Cheadle Mosque was established in 2003 – it is not only a centre of prayer and education, it is a real community hub supporting all members of society. The Islamic faith teaches the need to provide benefit to others hence the Mosque provides food for numerous local food-banks, provides meals for the homeless, organises health education sessions, raises money for local charities as well as works on many other community cohesion activities.