CMA Drive Through Breakfast

There is not long left to book you and your family the perfect Eid gift; our famous Eid Breakfast for you and your family to enjoy this Sunday 2nd August.
With the lockdown restrictions back in place for Manchester and surrounding areas this is a great way to keep everyone safe but still enjoy the festivities of Eid.

For just £15 a pre-packed breakfast to pick up via drive through for 4 people will include halwa puri, fruit salad, waffles, croissants and a special Eid gift for adults and children.

If you would like to order the Eid Breakfast, please use the following link to book

Please note: time slots will be given to all, if you turn up on the day without pre-booking we will have to politely turn you away.

Sunday 2nd August, 9am -11am.