CMA Fundraising £1.9 million to go!


Every Masjid is a house of Allah (swt) but Cheadle Masjid is so much more. It is more than a place of worship, it is the beating heart of our community. Start your own fundraiser for the mosque or donate to the existing one.

In addition to being a mosque, our Masjid has also been functioning as a centre for Islamic and cultural education. It provides opportunities for the elders of our community to get together for lunch and other activities, mothers can relax with their little ones in the Toddler clubs, men and women can attend a variety of educational classes and hold/attend Nikah ceremonies. Events are also held not just for Muslims, but for the wider community.

Time has now come to expand our Masjid in order to accommodate our growing community, enhance our services and improve our facilities even further. We envision this Masjid to be a benchmark for our generation and the generations to come where everyone can feel welcomed and taken care of. We aspire to build not just a Masjid, but to build a world class institution! Insha Allah. We have with the blessings of Allah swt been able to collect £3.1 million so far of the £5 million required for the CMA New Build (May 2021)

“Whosoever builds a House (Masjid) for the pleasure of Allah (swt), whether it be small or large, Allah builds for them a House in Paradise” Tirmidhi


Join us to make this dream a reality and start your own Fundraising or donate to the existing Fundraisers Insha’ Allah. A Sadqa Jariyah for you for generations to come. Please click on the Givebrite link to select the campaign you would like to donate towards or to start your own fundraising campaign.