CMA Has Got Talent

The idea for CMA Has Got Talent (CHGT) was born out of the realisation that our youngsters have a lot of talent – and we really want to celebrate this insha’Allah and provide an opportunity for them to showcase this talent. What’s even more important is that we encourage our children to be able to speak publicly and for us to instil them with confidence. The event is not really about winning and losing – it’s about having a go and knowing that we will be proud of them just for having the confidence to perform.

So please do join us on Saturday 25th January 2020 for a wonderful event where the finalists will perform in the categories of : Nasheeds, Visual Arts, Qur’an recitation, Spoken word and of course the Bake Off. The event will encompass these great performances and will include a delightful 3 course meal.

So please do join us Insha’Allah….further details of the Final event are on  the flyer below.