It with a heavy heart, that we write this post – the tragedy that hit Manchester on Monday night, has hit us all. This criminal act that has taken away so much innocent life has left us all with a loss of words and incredibly upset.

We spent all day yesterday working with many Mosques and communities to do whatever we could to support the victims of this attack and come together with the wonderful people of Manchester.

We had volunteers wanting to go out to give refreshments to the emergency services, fellow doctors wanting to turn up to accident and emergency departments and work for free to support their colleagues, fundraising pages were being set up by mosques and local charities, people wanting to attend vigils…..- in this time of darkness, we have also seen an outpouring of goodness.

At a time of such sadness and difficulty people have come closer together- it is clear we all share one humanity. It has really shown how much we really do care for each other. This is indeed beautiful.

And this is our response to the bringers of hate wherever they come from. We stand together as one and will not be divided.

We love Manchester.