_Al Ma’rifah Foundation in Association with Cheadle Masjid Presents_

⌛ *The Final Journey* ⌛

*Grave & The Day of Judgement*

A 4-Part Series Starting *Wednesday 2nd December | 8.30pm*

“Do such people think that they will not be resurrected, for a tremendous day, the day all people will stand before the Lord of all worlds.” (Surah Al-Mutaffifin: 4-6)

Join us for the next segment of *our Afterlife series* in which we discuss all things related to the Grave and Day of Judgement.

📚_*Topics Include:*_📚

• Following the Janazah
• Islamic Burial
• Questioning of the Grave
• Actions which benefit the deceased
• Reasons for Blessings and Punishment in the Grave
• Explanation of the Trumpet, Ressurection, and the Gathering
• Description of the Day of Judgement

Course Instructor: *Imam Abid Khan*
Course Fee: £10
Course Platform: *Zoom*
Course Duration: *4 Sessions (Every Wednesday)*

Register: *AMFgrave.eventbrite.co.uk*