There is much talk and discussion around the Coronavirus at the moment. Cheadle Masjid has shared some guidance on this to protect ourselves and our communities which can be viewed via our Facebook page and there is also very helpful guidance circulated by British Islamic Medical Association and the MCB. In short there are 3 basic principles : 

  1. Cleanliness is half of faith : wash your hands thoroughly before eating/drinking and on returning home from public areas. Catch your cough/sneeze in a tissue.
  2. If you have symptoms of suspected Coronavirus and you have come back from an area where it is prevalent then self isolate and avoid passing it on to others. This includes not attending the Masjid for congregational prayers (including Jummah) lest you pass it on to others. 
  3. Don’t worry – make du’a and ask Allah (swt) for protection from illness – nothing can harm us without the permission of Allah(swt).

If you need further advice, please go to the nhs website or contact 111 online/via telephone. May Allah (swt) bless you all.