On the 23rd May the European elections will take place and it’s critically important that the community gets out there and votes. There are a number of Far Right, facists and Islamophobes standing this year – these individuals want to represent us!
It’s important that all communities stand up for what is right and secure representation that is best for the communities they live in. We can’t have a recurrence of 2009 when Nick Griffin – the BNP (British National Party) candidate was elected as a MEP for the North West with just 8% of the vote.
We can’t change everyone’s opinion and we can’t stop people voting for racist candidates but we can do our bit. We can vote, we can encourage friends and families to vote, we can also encourage the people around us to vote. If we each do this – then this may just be enough to prevent those who want to harm us coming to power.
But please don’t leave it to someone else – please do your bit. If we don’t and people like Tommy Robinson (Anti-Muslim candidate) become MEPs, we will only have ourselves to blame.
“I’d personally send every adult Muslim that has come into the EU over the past 12 months back tomorrow if I could. Fake refugees.” – Tommy Robinson