Eid Mubarak to all!

You know us well enough now at Cheadle Mosque that you know we love our food and that we also like to spread a daily bit off happiness – so better way of combining these two “qualities” with our annual Eid Cake Dash.

“Living is about giving” – there is doubt in that and as a wise teacher once said (namely Uncle Zarif) – “Sharing is caring” – he’s an expert at these one liners!

So our sprightly volunteer team – wearing their best Eid garb – spot the stylish trainers!, delivered cakes to show gratitude and spread some cheer to those services that work tirelessly 365 days a year to keep our communities strong and safe.

Thank you to all those people – within the police, the fire service, the NHS, the Council and the Charity sector who give and care every single day. We know that there are many others that we need to Thank – but we had to start somewhere….

Eid Greetings to everyone from Cheadle Mosque