Cheadle Mosque’s Eid Celebration Breakfast
Alhamdulillah – Eid is almost upon. It’s a special time for the Muslim community – a time of enjoyment, a time of sharing and an opportunity for families and friends to come together. On this note Cheadle Mosque presents the Eid Celebration Breakfast on Sunday 24th June : 930am – 1130am In-sha’Allah.
With such delicacies of Halwa Puri & Aloo Paratha leading the Breakfast line up it will be a morning to remember. Croissants, Omelettes, Cereals and more will all be available! Eid was never a time  to watch the calories but if you wanted to – there will be fruit salad just in case!
For children – there will be entertainment, face painting, henna and a bouncy castle (we would recommend the bouncy castle before eating!). For adults – it will a time to relax and spend with friends and family – including the extended Cheadle Mosque family In-sha’Allah.
This is very much a family event and entry is free!
For catering purposes, please kindly register by emailing with the number of people attending.
We look forward to seeing you then In-sha’Allah. We already have over 200 people booked, so please don’t delay your booking as we only have limited capacity. Jazaka’Allah Khairan.
If you might be interested in sponsoring the whole or part of this event, please email