Eid Salah On The Field @ CMA

Join us for Eid prayer on the CMA field as we revive the Sunnah of praying outdoors.

Prayer Times and Khateebs:

7am | Shaykh Saleem Astewani
8:30am | Shaykh Abu Islam
10am | Imam Abid Khan

Important Notices:

1) An Announcement on the moonsighting for Eid will be made after Asr on Thursday 14th June. Please check our website and Facebook for updates.

2) Please bring your own prayer mats.

3) Car share or walk to the masjid if possible. If driving please ensure you park responsibly.

4) If it is raining then the Eid Salah will be offered in the Masjid.

Jazaakum Allahu Khayrun

Cheadle Mosque