I don’t often cry, but no one could not feel this father’s pain on watching this video on the crisis in Yemen.

To see your child die from cholera – which is essentially a disease that can be prevented through access to clean drinking water – has to be one of the worst things a parent can imagine. Yet this is happening today in 2017.

Right now in Yemen thousands of children are dying. A deadly cholera epidemic is sweeping the country, claiming more and more innocent lives everyday. Hospitals are unable to cope with the the epidemic. Parents like Nasser are watching their children die in front of them. This is Nasser, father of 9 month old Malak who caught cholera. Nasser doesn't have a job, he can't pay for the treatment to save his daughter. He brought her to the hospital, but they we're understaffed and couldn't help. Malak's condition deteriorated for the worse the following day, and she tragically died. Tomorrow was too late for Malak and it will be thousands of young, vulnerable Yemeni children. Don't let this suffering continue. Now is the time to give: https://donate.humanappeal.org.uk/appeals/ramadan

Posted by Human Appeal – UK on Freitag, 9. Juni 2017

Yemen has been forgotten by the world – it is up to me and you to remember those that are suffering.
This year Cheadle Mosque’s Ramadhan Zakat project aims to do just that In-sha’Allah…..

Please support us so that we can help the :

– 17 million people are in need of food assistance
– 3 million people are internally displaced
– Those that have no access to clean drinking water and a lack of access to medical services

44,000 people have died since the conflict in March 2015.

Please let no further children die from a lack of action – please let each and every one of us do what we can.. please we beg of you donate what you can. Your reward is with your Lord.

You can donate directly to Human Appeal International or through Cheadle Mosque.

May Allah(swt) bless you for that you do.

Cheadle Mosque.