We are restarting our “Good neighbours” project at Cheadle Mosque.
The aim is simply for us as Muslims to fulfil our own obligations in being good neighbours as Allah (swt) has commanded us :
The Prophet (saw) said: “Jibreel kept on enjoining the good treatment of neighbours to the extent that I thought that he would include neighbours as heirs.” (Muslim)
“Worship Allaah and join none with Him (in worship); and do good to parents, kinsfolk, orphans, Al-Masaakeen (the poor), the neighbour who is near of kin, the neighbour who is a stranger, the companion by your side…”[al-Nisaa’ 4:36] 
In addition, there are many stereotypes that exist of Muslims, especially in these difficult times – we need to challenge these stereotypes and show the wider community what we really stand for.
We stand for the care of one another, to give support when someone is feeling down, ill or in need, sharing gifts with each other to make them happy, supporting them through trials and tribulations in the best way we can…. and what better way of letting people know what Islam is really about than by committing to these actions.
We hope that as Muslims in the area we can establish relationships with those in our neighbourhoods, whether that is by sharing food with each other or by supporting those in need when required – helping the elderly with shopping or clearing snow etc. We are sure each of you will have better ideas!
To get this project started, we really would like to meet anyone who would like to get involved in promoting this project in their area insha’Allah and find out how we can work together. Please drop us an email at if you are interested.