Sad and difficult times..but out of all this pain – we have seen so much good from all people and all communities. We are proud to be Mancunians who are able to stand together to get through this adversity…

May God Bless Manchester.

As part of standing together, Today – on FRIDAY 26th May – many Mosques throughout Greater Manchester will be donating their Friday collections to support the victim’s families.

The Mosques in Greater Manchester have always been community focused – whether that is through their Food Banks, Soup Kitchens they organise, Fundraising for some of the poorest and most needy people or supporting the elderly and vulnerable. Islam is about good deeds – about helping others – about caring for others – about loving people.

Please find attached an important press release from the Greater Manchester Mosques.



Our lives have been rocked by the tragedy that unfolded in Manchester last Monday – we have been left speechless about the devastation that has occurred. However as a multicultural society living in a great city that has faced much adversity over the years, we have come together in the true Mancunian spirit to overcome this adversity.

As we witnessed in the immediate aftermath of this dark period of Manchester, there has been so much light.
Qadir Chohan – the Chair of Manchester Council of Mosques said, “We have seen communities come together, supporting each other and caring for one another. We have seen the Greater Manchester Muslim communities like all communities exemplify this goodness, through :

· The many taxi drivers taking people home for no charge
· And the restaurants and takeaways supplying food for the emergency services
· And the doctors offering their support to hospitals and working through the night for the injured.
· And the donation funds which having been set up by a number of Muslim organizations and charities that have raised over £50,000 for the families of the victims.

Indeed this is what Islam teaches us – to serve others”
The Greater Manchester Muslim communities have always been very active – our Mosques have always been a centre for the whole community –
– supporting food banks,
– raising money for local people in desperate need and those who are living in horrendous conditions abroad,
– organising soup kitchens for the homeless,
– opening up the Mosques to challenge negative stereotypes,
– and supporting the elderly with a safe place they can meet others.

Our support will continue today, at Friday prayers across Greater Manchester, where many Mosques will be donating their Friday collections for the victims of the tragedy, and prayers for the community of Manchester will be delivered from the pulpit. Many mosques continue to support or organise local vigils and thousands of individual Muslims have spoken out against this act of terrorism and been clear that such actions will never be in our name.

Yousef Dar, from Stockport Muslims added “We have always spoken out against terrorism – every Mosque in Manchester has. Whenever atrocities or injustices take place whether abroad or here, whether by groups, regimes, whether by the Far Right or In the name of religion, we must speak out against it, we must challenge it and we must always show solidarity with the victims and the oppressed as we are doing today”

This statement is issued by the following organisations:

Manchester Council of Mosques: MCOM
Stockport Muslims
Bolton Council of Mosques: BCoM
Rochdale Council of Mosques: RCM

Issued 26/05/2017