Pakistan Blast


It has been a deeply saddening month for the sanctity of human life. The tragic loss of innocent life in Ankara, Brussels, Iskandariya and now in Lahore, Pakistan are just some of the recent places to be affected by terrorism. Humanity is living through testing times and we must ensure we all work together to challenge not just the criminality but the aims behind such criminality.

The perpetrators who carried out the attacks in Pakistan have a twisted and sickening logic. The reported suicide attack yesterday killed women and children of all backgrounds, of both the Christian and Muslim faiths. These indiscriminate attacks are not just an affront to the Pakistani people; they are an attack on all of us. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

Let us remember terrorists attempt to create fear and their acts are an attempt to divide us.

Yet their actions have had the opposite effect and have in fact united people from across all countries, all faiths and backgrounds. We come together as one humanity telling the terrorists that they will never succeed and that they never divide us.

We also need to try and understand why the world has seen the rise of such terrorism and why and how this cancer of terrorism developed, in order to stop it. We must also all continue to work harder to bring stability, tolerance and respect and assert the absolute sanctity of human life.

Terrorism has no faith, country or race – it is the evil of humankind. Yet we should remember there is much good in this world and we must ensure that good always prevails. We must have faith in our universal values of respect and tolerance and not sacrifice them or deviate from them or the terrorists will surely benefit further.

We pray that the perpetrators are brought swiftly to justice. We continue to pray for the people of all nations that have been affected by these terror attacks.


Issued by Manchester Council of Mosques and Stockport Muslims