Alhamdollilah – the Masjid is now open, although with strict social distancing procedures.

If you would like to attend Jumm’ah at Cheadle Masjid, we are operating a pre-booking system to ensure that we can safely cater for those that wish to attend and ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity of attending.

If you wish to book for Jumm’ah – please click on the link below :

Once you have registered, you will be contacted by text to confirm :

  1. Either that you have a place for the forthcoming Jumm’ah and which Jammaat you should attend – there will be 4 Jammaat each week
  2. Or that you haven’t been allocated for Jummah that week – We will try our best to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to attend Jummah alternately week Insha’Allah.

Jazaakum Allahu Kharyun