Kashmir has been an unresolved and ignored problem for many years extending from the days of British Rule in India. This problem deteriorated following the partition of India and for some 70 years now, the people of Indian-occupied Kashmir have systemically been murdered, raped and abused on calling for their basic human rights. It is estimated that more than 90,000 people have died in those 70 years of oppression.

The present Indian government of the BJP and its RSS affiliates have to be held responsible for the abuses of minorities in India and now its Kashmir’s turn. The daily attacks on Muslims and Christians is well documented, it’s worth noting that the 2010 massacre of Muslims in Gujarat has a UN report clearly showing the links between the massacre to the BJP and Narendra Modi.

The present lock-down or imprisoning of 7 million Kashmiris in Indian-administered Kashmir is unprecedented. If we also highlight the many years of human rights abuse, the systematic raping of women, children being shot with live ammunition, the incarceration of children without trial or rights, politicians and activists being held under house arrest – few can argue there is a human rights crisis in Kashmir.

We need to speak out about these injustices…this is the least that we can do.

You can find out more at “Kashmir – The Killing Fields” on Thursday 5th December, 7:00pm at the Werneth Suite, 79 Manchester Road.

All are welcome – refreshments provided & free entry for all.