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15 Jun

Forgotten Yemen

I don’t often cry, but no one could not feel this father’s pain on watching this video on the crisis in Yemen. To see your child die from cholera – which is essentially a disease that can be prevented through ...

05 Jun

Dinner at Dusk

Dinner at Dusk – The Great Get Together As part of the Great Get Together – organised by the Jo Cox Foundation – we will be honoured if our friends and neighbours from the wider community will join us for ...

26 May

Greater Manchester Mosques raise funds for the victims at Friday Prayers

Sad and difficult times..but out of all this pain – we have seen so much good from all people and all communities. We are proud to be Mancunians who are able to stand together to get through this adversity… May ...

24 May

We love Manchester

It with a heavy heart, that we write this post – the tragedy that hit Manchester on Monday night, has hit us all. This criminal act that has taken away so much innocent life has left us all with a ...

18 Apr

Children in Need Fundraising

Cheadle Mosque’s Friday prayer food stall raised £526 for Children in Need. We are grateful for all those that supported the stall and donated towards this excellent cause. We appreciate the efforts of all the volunteers too!  

18 Apr

Citizens UK

Cheadle Mosque is honoured to become a member of Citizens UK and we want you to get involved with our plans to making society better. Greater Manchester Citizens was founded as the newest chapter of Citizens UK in July 2016 – ...

23 Mar

Attack in London

PRESS RELEASE Attack in London   The Greater Manchester Muslim community takes the opportunity in commenting on the reported terror attack in London today. We are shocked and saddened by this attack on the innocent and on Parliament. Whilst we ...

11 Mar

Weekend School children support great local charities

It was heart warming today to see the children of the Cheadle Mosque Weekend School supporting the Mosque’s Food bank. A huge thank to you to the children and their parents – Jazaka’Allah Khairan – for their generosity and committing ...

02 Mar

Cheadle Mosque redevelopment new proposal 2017

  Al hamdo lillah we have submitted a new application for planning consent to redevelop the Masjid.  The application is now with the Planning department of Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, and can be found under reference PP-05829706. We undertook a thorough review ...

01 Mar

Busy Month for Cheadle Mosque volunteers

Cheadle Mosque volunteers continue to serve up curry nights for the homeless and needy. We thank our partners at Stockport Baptist Church and The Wellspring! The Foodbank continues to grow with donations from the  local community – Thank you so ...