Let’s Talk: Weekly Discussions on Topical Issues

We are pleased to share with you details of our upcoming weekly show which seeks to tackle hard hitting issues affecting the Muslim community.

Starts: Thursday 11th June | 8:30pm

Hosts: Imam Abid & Dr Usman

Our next episode on 25th June we will be looking at the issue of Drug use and drug dealing. Indeed drug use is a cancer within society that can bring so much pain not only to the individual but those that surround and love the individual. Please do join us for this important show.

Our hosts will be joined by special guests each week tackling important topics that affect our community – we have highlighted topics such as Mental Illness and Racism – issues that are not always talked about; we will be addressing many more hot items to help our listeners navigate them.

“Let’s talk” is interactive too and allows input and questions from the audience via Facebook – so please do join us on the CMA Facebook page, every Thursday at 830pm.

Please spread the word insha’Allah….