The reported devastating terrorist attacks in Brussels have shocked us all. Our prayers and thoughts are with the injured and the families who have lost loved ones.

Indeed this is a day of tragedy with an appalling loss of lives in Brussels.

It appears that all too often our daily news is filled with saddening events of civilians being affected by indiscriminate killing whether in Turkey, France, Iraq or Syria or Belgium today. Indeed terrorism is indiscriminate – it has no culture, race or religion.

With all such attacks our response is again to stand firmly in solidarity against those terrorists and criminals, who seeks to divide us and spread fear amongst communities. With rising levels of violence, our response is determined and committed to combat their evil aims and plans.

We advise that we must continue to use our pooled resources to identify such cold hearted perpetrators and those who support them and bring them to justice. At the same time we caution against any knee jerk responses including enacting more draconian laws but to continue to maintain our high level of respect for the rule of law whilst being vigilant at this time.

We stand in solidarity as one community rejecting all forms of terrorism and we pray that peace will prevail.

Date of release – 22nd March 2016