Cheadle Mosque raises £1590.92 for Sport Relief

Sport Relief has been doing some amazing work for communities around the world, including providing 900,000 people in Africa with anti-malarial drug treatments and supporting 3.4 million people through maternal & neonatal health projects; with such great work this wasn’t an opportunity we at Cheadle Mosque could resist getting involved with.

Many of you will be aware that the Mosque likes to share food when we fund-raise – whether it’s selling off Manchester Biggest Black Forrest Gateau or creating a Charity Samosa Mountain – we have done some crazy charity events over the years.

Sports Relief, then presented a bit of a problem – we didn’t think selling food i.e gaining calories was really the answer to this one! So our youngsters came to the rescue!

The pupils of the Weekend Islamic School at the Mosque organised a sponsored walk – jog – skip – run (although some took it more leisurely than others!) and they raised an amazing £1590.92. Wow!

That’s an incredible amount that we hope will go to support the fantastic work of Sport Relief. We really need to thank the children for taking on this initiative and give a special thank you to all the parents and volunteers that supported and sponsored the event. Amazing Work Maasha’Allah!

Importantly as a Mosque we want our young people to know that charity and helping those in need is such a fundamental part of their faith – it’s work like this we really want them to take a lead on in the future God willing.

It’s also nice to know that exercise can raise more money than selling cake – we may take a lesson from this one!