The Greater Manchester Muslim Communities are shocked at the level of violence being aimed at the
protesting Palestinians. Quite frankly we are deeply troubled at the over whelming and disproportionate use
of violence and blatant disregard for human life which has left over 50 dead and thousands injured.

We are reading reports and witnessing scenes on our news screens and social media where non-violent
protesters are:-
 Being shot dead and injured by IDF snipers,
 The use of drones firing unknown gas and liquid and
 The use of live ammunition aimed at children, women and men

We note the UN human rights office are rightly heavily critical of Israel’s use of force. The UN spokesman
Rupert Colville told reporters in Geneva, “The mere fact of approaching a fence is not a lethal, lifethreatening
act, so that does not warrant being shot. How much threat can a double amputee be making
from the other side of a large fortified fence?”

Sadly, Gaza and the West bank have been subjected to an in humane and illegal blockade for decades
ensuring that the Palestinians suffer and have little hope for a normal life. The myriad of abuses against the
Palestinians is staggering from denied the right of return, land theft, destruction of homes and building illegal

We find the general lack of action of the Government and the EU over the years very disappointing. It appears
that successive Governments have a scant regard for the aspirations and lives of Palestinians. While the
Government domestically appears to continually preach British values such as Freedom and Democracy,
when it suits, it shows little regard for these values when it comes to some of Britain’s foreign partners.

We have yet to see the Government or the foreign secretary make any concrete steps to be taken about
stopping the the daily slaughter or the recent illegal move by the US Government in relocating its embassy
to Jerusalem.

Palestine remains a core problem that must be resolved. The rights of the Palestinians cannot and should
not be sacrificed on the altar of maintaining good relations with Israel at any cost. Palestinians have suffered
over 100 years since the Balfour Declaration. Palestine needs to be free from living under occupation and
foreign mandates.

We call for the following:-
1. Regional Powers, the International Community and the UK to stand together with Palestinians and
send an International Force to protect the Palestinians as they do in other conflicts and wars.

2. For Parliament to hold an emergency meeting to look at this unfolding crisis that will no doubt impact
the Middle East and the world if left unchecked and agree on holding accountable Israel for it flagrant
abuse of power through sanctions and other necessary measures to deter future aggression.

3. For Mosques in Greater Manchester and elsewhere this Friday to call for a special prayer for the
Palestinians and raise this as an issue of concern with those in power and the power to protect the

This statement is issued by the following organisations : MCOM (Manchester Council of Mosques), BCOM (Bolton Council of Mosques , RCM (Rochdale Council of Mosques) , Oldham Mosque Council, Stockport Muslims.