As-salâmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullâhi wa barakâtuhu,

Ramadhan Mubarak!

We are happy to confirm that the first night of Ramadhan will be Thursday 23rd  April; the first day of fasting will be Friday 24th April.

We ask Allah swt to make this a very fruitful month for us – may it be a month where our sins are removed and our good actions are multiplied so that it may make an easy path for us to Jannah.

This Ramdan will be very different, in that we are currently unable to host congregational prayers at the Masjid –  so no Tarawih or Iftars at the Masjid. I know that this will be sorely missed – but as Imam Abid has said the One we worship will always be there to worship wherever we are. So let us ensure that the blessings of Ramadhan enter our homes, let us ensure our homes are filled with Qur’an and Salah, let us continue to pursue as many good deeds as possible during the month – this Ramadhan although different can should still be very special – it will require that extra effort from each of us.

Please stay connected –  we have lots of daily programmes online – An Ayah a day at 730pm, Qur’an Tafsir at 10pm and Qur’an recitation at 1030pm.

And please remember we are here for you – if you need us – please just get in touch and we will do our best to help insha’Allah.

We wish you all the best for Ramadhan and make du’a it is a path for you to Paradise.

Cheadle Masjid Team



Wa-assalâmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullâhi wa barakâtuhu,






Cheadle Mosque Team