Cheadle Mosque presents it’s first annual Seerah conference – on Saturday 17th December 2016. Starting insha’Allah sharp at 5pm. There will be a series of inspiring talks, Qur’an recitation and nasheeds. The guest line up is packed and includes Shaykh Shafi Chowdhury, Shaykh Anis Ghouissem, Shaykh Asad Choudry, Dr Othman Moqbel, Ustadh Rehan Salim, Usadh Abid Khan, Ustadh, Akhlaaq Choudry and Ustadh Abu Huraira.

This will be a very special programme and insha’Allah promises to be well attended, please may we request that you car share and park responsibly as spaces will be limited. Of course brothers and sisters are welcome and there is a creche available but only for limited numbers.

Can it get any better? Well yes – the event is completely free (of course) and there is a free meal provided – Masha’Allah no one does hospitality like Cheadle. No it’s not Channa this time – We promise!!! The best thing about this event will be the community Insha’Allah coming together as one and learning about the best of human beings – and taking away lessons on how we can emulate his character.