Cheadle Masjid has partnered with READ Foundation to build a school in Hazara, District Gujrat, Pakistan 

A great Investment!

Sh Yasir Qadhi talks about why building a school and educating a child is a great investment –

1) A Sadaqah Jariyah – a continuous charity – helping take children and communities out of poverty.

2) A vehicle to pass on beneficial knowledge to generations

3) An opportunity to benefit from du’a of all those children that we we help.

Let’s us together build a school with READ Foundation insha’Allah. We have the opportunity to build a primary school at Hazara in Gujrat, Pakistan. This will educate 500 children each year insha’Allah.

Zakat applicable.

The school will provide quality primary education to 500 underprivileged children in a safe and supportive environment, providing quality education, physical facilities and extracurricular activities; 

The school will allow children to build an individual social, emotional and educational base that will afford them social and professional choices in future challenges and opportunities.

This is a great opportunity to help develop the next generation, so please donate generously to this cause.