Salaat       Fajr    03:23

Sunrise      04:52

Dhuhr      13:15

Asr      18:51

Maghrib      21:36

Isha      22:56

Jamaat     Fajr       04:00

Sunrise         04:52

Dhuhr         13:30 & 14:30

Asr         19:45

Maghrib         21:36

Isha      22:56

26 October 2021
Asr Iqamah

4:30 pm

1 Hours 34 Minutes
Begins6:28 am7:57 am12:53 pm3:56 pm5:48 pm7:09 pm
Iqamah7:00 am1:35 pm4:30 pm5:48 pm8:00 pm


Cheadle Masjid is a very active Masjid and hosts a wide range of activities and events to engage the Muslim and wider community. The original building was a formerly a church – St Columbus and has served both the Christian and Muslim communities well – however the building is no longer able to cater for the community’s needs.
Every Jumm’ah – people have to pray outside on the car park – come wind or rain (there is lots of rain in Manchester!) and the classrooms are far from suitable to give the best teaching experience. The sister’s area in particular has very limited in capacity and with so many families visiting the Masjid – these problems had to be addressed.

The community therefore has taken on the mammoth task of redeveloping the site to house a purpose build Masjid that will cater for the community’s needs. It will host prayer areas that can be used flexibly to provide state of the art classrooms, meeting and seminar rooms and much more. The female prayer area will be a vast improvement over the current site and there will be Ghusl facilities and an ability to manage the Janazah prayer comprehensively. The building we pray will reflect the growing activities of the Masjid and be beautiful community hub for all, insha’Allah.

A message from the board and our imams

The need

The journey so far

The plans

The team

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