Sharing the Joy of Eid!
As Hajj approaches and Eid ul Adha will also soon be with us, we wish to share the joy of Eid with those in the wider community around us – so like previous years we have the aptly named “Sharing the Joy of Eid” project !!!! – and we would like you to be part of it In-sha’Allah.
On Saturday 25nd August, we will be In-sha’Allah visiting and sharing gifts with poorly children at Stepping Hill Hospital and University Hospital South Manchester (Wythenshaw).
Many of these children are going through a difficult time, so let us on these blessed days share some happiness with them and make them smile. We also want the wider community to experience the true generosity and kindness of the Islamic faith.
Yes, we can talk about Islam all day but sharing a good deed, being kind to another, helping a person through a difficult time is worth two million words.
But we need your help please in collecting 100 new gifts that we can share with these children In-sha’Allah.
We are collecting donations of :
Arts and crafts gift boxes (paints/activity sets)
Board Games
Reading Books
Science sets
Lego and Model sets
Puzzles and Jig saws
Toy Cars/planes etc.
Baby toys
Toiletry sets
Anything that you feel would be suitable for children aged 0-16 years of age.
Gifts could be dropped off at Cheadle Mosque at anytime in the specifically marked box in the foyer- there is no need to wrap them as seeing the gifts allows us to allocate it appropriately. The gifts will then be handed out by a team of Mosque volunteers on 25th August In-sha’Allah.
We thank you for all your support – and we hope and pray this will bring happiness to these children.
If you require any further information then please do contact us at the Mosque.
Jazaka’Allah Khairan
PS – We haven’t forgotten the older patients and we plan to visit them too. For these wards, we are particularly careful in what we can bring in, so are purchasing these gifts. If you would like to support this project, please pass your donations to the Masjid marked “Sharing the Joy of Eid Older Patients”. Jazaka’Allah Khairan.