Every year Cheadle Masjid selects a Zakat project, a project that we as the congregation of the Masjid can invest in and directly the fruits of Insha’Allah. This year we have teamed up with the excellent Muslim Aid, a charity that has been established for more than 20 years. We have a lot of confidence in the charity and it’s leadership team – interestingly it was initially set up in response to the famine in Ethopia at that time being led by Yusuf Islam (the former Cat Stevens).
The Zakat project we have selected this year is to provide clean drinking water to the people of Gaza. Reports show that less than 50 % of households in Gaza have access to clean drinking water. Water which is that basic nourishment that is needed for life.
Our aim is for ourselves as a congregation to fund 10 water filtration units that can be fitted within schools and health centres in Gaza – Palestine, to provide clean drinking water to some of the world’s most needy people.
Each unit costs £13,500 and can provide 5000 litres/day. If we as a community can combine together the Zakat that we owe – the obligation that Allah (swt) has put upon us to help the needy – then we as community can let our brothers and sisters in Gaza know that we have not forgotten them, know that we are with them and know that we will continue to care for them even when it seems much of the world has forgotten their plight.
“…and establish prayer and give Zakah and loan Allah, a goodly loan. And whatever good you put forward for yourselves – you will find it with Allah. It is better and greater in reward. And seek forgiveness of Allah. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.” (Qur’an 73:20)
Please if possible, do donate your Zakat towards this project or feel free to give whatever you can towards this noble cause. Donations for this project can be given to the Masjid but kindly mark them as Zakat whether that’s as a bank transfer or on the reverse of a cheque.
May Allah (swt) reward you immensely for your support.
Jazaka’Allah Khairan