Surviving the Lockdown

Nightly Reflections on Facebook Live

The PM has effectively announced a lockdown as of midnight Monday 23rd March. For the next three weeks we will only be allowed to leave our houses for the following:

1. Shopping for basic necessities;
2. One form of exercise a day;
3. Medical need/care for a vulnerable person;
4. Travelling to and from work, only if absolutely necessary.

With everyone cooped up at home for the next few weeks, Cheadle Masjid are organising a series of on-line educational programmes for the whole family.

First off is our nightly reflections series, join us for daily reminders and reflections on the Cheadle Masjid Facebook page.

The lockdown provides us with an opportunity to study our faith and deepen our connection with our Creator. Please keep your eyes open for further activities to be released in the coming days.