Ramadan is an amazing event for the community – Fasting brings us closer to God (Allah), it’s a time of spiritual nourishment and brings families and communities together. Indeed we also experience the difficulty that millions of people go through every day with no access to regular food or water.

Ramadan is also about sharing – giving charity to those in need, sharing the breaking of fast with others…so to Taste Ramadan – where many Mosques up and down the country are opening  their doors to the wider community inviting them to break fast (Iftar) with them.

This event is for the wider community -those of other or no faith – so please do accept our invitation if you can and join us on Sunday 27th May for a short programme sharing our experience of Ramadan, covering “Frequently Asked  Questions” of Muslims and enjoy a full meal together.

It will be a very relaxed event with the aim simply of building bridges and bringing people together.

The event is free but please do register at 0161 437 1093 or so that we can organise appropriate catering.

We look forward to welcoming you on Sunday 27th of May (8pm), God Willing.