On Friday 8th November at the European Islamic Centre, a conference will highlight the persecution of the minority Uyghur Muslim community of China. This community has suffered human rights abuses and oppression over many years.

Now we see them being detained in camps – so called “re-education” camps – some have called “concentration camps”. These camps aim to remove their heritage and Islamic identity. The state appears to want to control these people.

It is estimated that more than 1 million people are detained in these camps. On what legal basis? 

Children are separated from their parents ….why?

People are being abused and are dying in such camps… why?

Because they are Muslim?

Who is speaking about this? Why the Great Wall of Silence.

We need to be their voice – you need to be their voice.

The first part of being their voice – is learning about their situation – so please join us on Friday 8th November at the European Islamic Centre 7pm sharp. The programme will start immediately after Isha salah Insha’Allah.