Thursday 25th April 730pm – Online Webinar

Ramadan is just around the corner and it’s really important that we work towards getting the most out of this blessed month Insha’Allah. Our dear brothers from Al Ma’rifah Foundation – Ustadh Rehan Salim and Imam Abid Khan will be delivering an online webinar to remind us :

  • On the actual purpose of Fasting  – it’s just not about hunger and thirst!
  • The amazing virtues of Ramadan
  • The inner dimensions of  Fasting
  • The Sunan of Fasting
  • And ideas of what our Ramadan plan should really be

Please do join us for this online webinar on Thursday 25th April 730pm – please register at

There will be a virtual buffet too!! (Only joking – our technology hasn’t come this far yet!!)