As-salâmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullâhi wa barakâtuhu,

The CMA Team in action once again at the Wellspring – serving up food for the Homeless…Masha’Allah it’s a great effort by the team.

I was speaking to a friend yesterday – we started talking about charity work and he mentioned something that was quite profound. We all like to receive something – if you buy one and get one free or receive a gift from someone, it pleases us but what is more satisfying is when we give to others…when we can help or please another person – I can’t explain it but our hearts radiate warmth and feel great inside. Helping the homeless is one way of warming our hearts, benefiting our own souls – but there are so many good causes that also need our help – let us not forget our brothers and sisters in Syria, in Pakistan, In Burma, in Africa… that need our help because of a lack of food, shelter, healthcare, education etc. As Ramadhan approaches us – we should ensure we are ready to give – I guarantee you and I will feel better for it insha’Allah.


Wellspring Soup Kitchen3

Wellspring Soup Kitchen2

Wellspring Soup Kitchen