Again our hearts are bleeding on hearing about the horrific events in London. We are deeply saddened to learn about the complete loss of innocent life. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families.

These criminal perpetrators are the foulest of people.

The criminals are so despicable that over 130 Imams from around the country have refused to offer the funeral prayer for them stating “This is because such indefensible actions are completely at odds with the lofty teachings of Islam”

They may claim to be Muslim but their actions are 100% against the teachings of Islam – the community is in outrage that they attempt to blacken our faith. We can not forgive them.

Our prayers are with the victims of those in London and the many thousands across the world who have suffered at the hands of such criminals.

You can read below the press release from the various Manchester Councils of Mosques.

Terror Attacks in London and Afghanistan

The latest terror attacks come at a time when we, as communities and a country are just coming to terms with the horrific attack in our city of Manchester two weeks ago. We are appalled that individuals can commit such brutal and horrific acts against innocent people.

The Greater Manchester Muslim Communities like other communities finds itself in a state of shock by the events in the last couple of weeks. In Afghanistan there were 90 people who lost their lives and 450 injured and where the funerals of the victims were also attacked is a reminder that terrorists do not discriminate according to faith or background. Iraq has also seen recent mass murders too.

In London, we saw the latest of these terrorist attacks on the streets of our capital. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families and we pay tribute to our emergency services that were at the forefront of dealing with this tragic incident.

Muslim communities like all communities have and will continue to do its part to keep our country safe. In Greater Manchester we have.
– Organised seminars and conferences to raise awareness about the threats of terrorism be it Far Right or Daesh,
– Our Imam’s throughout our region are proactively and continually robustly challenging the terrorist narrative during their speeches,
– Publicly shown solidarity with the victims and their families by issuing press statements to express our condolences, organised vigils and collected funds for the victims and their families,
– Led and been part of protests against wars and terrorism to explain that violence is not the way forward to bring about a peaceful world,
– Organised memorials and tributes to those who have fallen victim of terrorism which have taken place in our Mosques,
– Engaged with those in authority to advise them on effective strategies to keep our country safe including promoting intelligence led policing, and policies which don’t allow violence to fester through unregulated spaces whether on the internet or as a result of military actions abroad.

Qadir Chohan – Chair Manchester Council of Mosques commented, “Once again we see the actions of these terrorist attacks here in our capital and abroad in Afghanistan. These actions are of unimaginable and unspeakable cruelty. Our thoughts are first and foremost with the victims and their families. Just as we Mancunians rally to support the victims of the Manchester attacks we will do the same for the victims and the families in the London attack.”

Yousef Dar – Stockport Muslims commented, “The tragic events in Afghanistan and London follow the attacks in our great city of Manchester. These acts are not the acts of normal people, and shows how desperate these attackers are to promote their cause. Our emergency services including police, ambulance and fire service have once again showed their true professionalism in dealing with this incident so swiftly to save many lives.”

Imteyaz Ali – Bolton Council Mosques commented, “It is difficult to fully come to terms with these acts which have come so soon after the Manchester attacks. We are in the month of Ramadhan, a month of peace and forgiveness, when the vast majority of Muslims are engaged in fasting and prayers. These cowardly individuals are hard at work taking innocent lives. They have no sense of compassion or humanity or a belief system which can ever justify these horrible bloody acts of violence. We ask all communities to be extra vigilant over the coming weeks and support our police service with any information that may assist them to prevent any further attacks.”

Tahir Mahmood, Chair – Rochdale Council of Mosques commented: “Muslims in Rochdale are angry, hurt, sickened just like everyone else. Today we remember those murdered on the streets of our capital and all those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan last week. We need to double our efforts against terrorism. Many lives, families and communities have been affected by the actions of these inhumane terrorists who have tried to attack the peace of our country and our world. We must unite in these difficult times to show support for those who have lost loved ones. Our prayers and thoughts are with the victims and their families of these heinous attacks”

This statement is issued by the following organisations:

Manchester Council of Mosques: MCOM
Bolton Council of Mosques: BCoM
Rochdale Council of Mosques: RCM
Stockport Muslims