Visit My Mosque – Visit Cheadle Mosque!
We are very excited once again this year to be part of the “Visit My Mosque” project where Mosques up and down the country will be opening their doors and inviting members of the local community to come and visit them – to find out more about the Islamic faith and the work of the mosques in the UK.
Sunday the 18th February is the big day and preparations are well under way!
We had 221 lovely people who came to visit us last year – it was a fabulous day. We were feeling a little down following Donald Trump’s comments earlier that week (banning Muslims from coming to the US) but then we had 221 people who came to cheer us up! It was a day of warmth and friendship, we really appreciated people wanting to know more about us, beyond the stereotype.
This year we hope the day will be even better – there will be exhibitions about the Islamic faith/Mosque activities, presentations around the Muslim contribution in WW I and II, Henna designs, opportunities to dress up in traditional garb, arts and crafts for children….Why not try your hand at samosa making or have a tour of the Mosque. And of course the main event – a good old natter over tea, cake and samosas.
We would warmly welcome anyone and everyone to come and visit us especially those from the wider community who may wish to find our more about us or who may have questions around the faith – please do ask away and don’t be shy. If nothing else it will be an entertaining Sunday afternoon – the Manchester bee will also be making an appearance!
We look forward to welcoming you God willing, on Sunday 18th Feb – pop along any time between 11am – 4pm.
Best regards
The Cheadle Mosque Team