It was heart warming today to see the children of the Cheadle Mosque Weekend School supporting the Mosque’s Food bank.

A huge thank to you to the children and their parents – Jazaka’Allah Khairan – for their generosity and committing to support the poor and needy.

The very kind donations will go towards helping local people whom are struggling to make ends meet and need support. It was shocking to hear today that 600,000 people in Greater Manchester are living in poverty and often need help from food banks to ensure there is a meal on the table.

We were honoured today to have lovely representatives from a number of the charities that the Mosque supports, including Francis from The Tree of Life, Ann and Terry from The Copperdale Trust and Usman from Unity Community. We heard about the fantastic work they do and how we are able to support them.

A man asked the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh),
“Which act in Islam is the best”
The Prophet (pbuh) replied: “To feed (the poor and needy)….”

The merit of supporting such charities is therefore clear.

It was interesting to hear a comment from Ann of The Copperdale Trust – she mentioned that the love we share through charity – spending our time, effort and money in caring for others makes those in need know that people care for them and they feel valued. Everyone should feel valued and if we can spread that message then the world will undoubtedly be a better place In-sha’Allah.