Salaat       Fajr    03:23

Sunrise      04:52

Dhuhr      13:15

Asr      18:51

Maghrib      21:36

Isha      22:56

Jamaat     Fajr       04:00

Sunrise         04:52

Dhuhr         13:30 & 14:30

Asr         19:45

Maghrib         21:36

Isha      22:56

7 December 2021
Isha Iqamah

7:30 pm

2 Hours 8 Minutes
Begins6:37 am8:11 am12:01 pm2:02 pm4:52 pm5:20 pm
Iqamah7:00 am1:25 pm2:15 pm3:51 pm7:30 pm
Jumuah 12:30 and 1:20

youth activities

Boys youth activities

Cheadle Masjid hosts a whole range of activities for the youth, from regular knowledge and volunteering classes, to one off social events and camps.

For boys aged 11-13 there is a weekly knowledge class, which focuses on developing and supporting the boys as they enter adulthood, both emotionally and spiritually. There is a second weekly class for boys aged 14+, which builds off the younger boys class and has the same aims.

Having classes of separate age groups allows the culture and environment in the classes to be suited to the boys’ needs. Previous topics covered in the classes include: Seerah, The Fiqh of Prayer, Entering Adulthood, Purification of the Heart, Stories of the Prophets, Akhirah, Tafsir of Qur’an and much more. For boys aged 13+ there are weekly volunteering opportunities – from food banks and recycling projects to open days and helping clean the mosque – there is something for everyone. Many boys are completing their Duke of Edinburgh volunteering at the Masjid, whilst others are doing it for the great friendship groups and reward from Allah (swt)! The Masjid also facilitates a weekly Football session for boys aged 15+, and basketball for boys aged 11-15. In addition to the weekly events, the masjid holds a monthly social “Qiyaam” session. Running on the last Friday of every month, from 8-11pm, it is an opportunity for young boys to come to the masjid in a very social atmosphere – where there is food, games, talks and prayer.

During the holidays the masjid runs various events – from Go Karting socials and Fifa tournaments that may take a morning or an evening – to full on camping weekends. Places for these events go fast, which shows the passion and involvement so many youth have with the Masjid.

Finally – and most importantly – there are the friendship groups. Meeting, working, relaxing and praying with like-minded youth, that are all individually on their journey towards Allah, builds bonds of friendship and trust that outstretches any age group or formal class.

Girls Youth Activities

We are passionate about delivering an educational teaching experience that accommodates each young person’s holistic development.

Currently, we provide a 4-week halaqa series every month for girls between the age of 13- 18. A variety of topics are covered such as ‘Getting to know Allah (swt)’ and Understanding the Salah’. The ultimate purpose of these sessions is to be able to provide every student with knowledge of their Deen, for them to realise how to implement the Deen throughout their daily lives. Essentially, they would learn how to develop a relationship with Allah (swt) throughout their daily tasks and earn reward at the same time.

We hold monthly social Qiyaams which take place on the last Friday of every month between 8-11pm. The essence of these sessions is to allow young girls to participate in fun and engaging activities. These include Islamic educational talks, games, socialising, performing Salah and of course food. This does not only encourage love for the Masjid and learning but also creates a place where students can have fun in a safe and halal environment.

Weekly Friday Halaqas are also held for the younger girls. These are sessions based on acquiring basic Islamic knowledge coupled with interactive games, in order to allow room for building friendships. The girls are categorized based on their age and the benefit of this

is that it allows us to focus on each student needs, whether it is the knowledge being provided or the dynamics of the activities.

During the holidays, the Masjid run social excursions such as Go Karting and a trip to Jump Nation. These events include returning to the Masjid for Salah and enjoying yet more food!! These excursions allow the students to learn and experience that scheduling your day around Salaah is of key importance. We guarantee these are way better than the basic school trips!! The Youth are the “Gems of Cheadle Masjid” and our aim is for our young people to feel that the Masjid is ultimately a place of belonging and their place of sanctuary.