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Cheadle Mosque’s Eid Dash

Cheadle Mosque’s Eid Dash! It has been a lovely Eid, a time of celebration, for friends, families and neighbours to come together and enjoy each other’s company, build family ties, share gifts ...

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Mosque arson attack should be treated as terrorism

Muslims are shocked and deeply troubled at the arson attack of the Nasfat Islamic centre last Sunday evening. Our thoughts and prayers go to the members and congregation of the Mosque. We thank God that there were no injuries or fatalities. The communities across Manchester are standing with them.

It is noted that the police are treating this as a ‘hate crime. However we urge the police to treat this act as an act of terrorism to find out whether those who committed this act did so for the ‘purpose of advancing a political, religious, racial or ideological cause’.

There is a real fear, that such Islamophobic attacks are rising and they are becoming more brazen. Nasfat Islamic centre have reported some horrible attacks over the years, including pigs head being thrown into the Mosque, vandalism and criminal damage of the Mosque building as well as verbal abuse to those attending for prayer.

We need to double our efforts in stamping out Islamophobia. Bigoted behaviour can never be acceptable. Tackling hatred and prejudice requires efforts from all communities and we all need to do more in addressing the rhetoric of hate that is spewed by some politicians and some media outlets and individuals with a Far Right Ultra-Nationalist agenda

This reported attack is not simply an attack on a mosque, it is an attack on all of us. Like we have in so many cases in the past, the Greater Manchester communities will stand together.

We call on anyone with information to provide that to the police so the perpetrators are brought to swift justice we welcome the increased patrols around Mosques in recent weeks and weeks ahead. We must all remain vigilant.

In the true spirit of Islam and as Greater Mancunians we hope that this remains a safe and prosperous place for all people to live in.

Qadir Chohan from the Manchester Council of Mosques said : “The arson attack of the Nasfat Islamic Centre in Manchester should not only be a great concern to the Muslim community but should be a great concern to all of us. If we don’t speak out or if we turn a blind eye against those that commit these awful crimes, those that spread hate will only increase their grasp on the communities around us. We need to stamp this out now and we urge the police and the security services around us to tackle this terrorism”

Ibrahim Kala, chief officer of BCom added : “We have seen the rise of hate and terror attacks in recent months – and we need to realise that this can come from many different sources. We need to tackle the causes of such crimes – it is clear that some of them are fanned by inflammatory media articles and some politician’s dialogue”

Shazad Sadiq of Stockport Muslims said : “ Attacking a place of worship is such a cowardly act. These criminals have hearts that are full of hate, but we will know that they will never win. We need to bring these cowards to justice as soon as possible.”

Dobir Miah of RCOM added : “ We need to stamp out Islamophobia. We are grateful to the police and council for their support, but it is a duty upon each and every one of us – to stop hatred in it’s tracks.”

Mufti Helal Mahmood of Oldham Mosques Council said, ‘’After visiting the mosque yesterday and hearing from the community these attacks seem to happen often. The community needs to be reassured that they will be protected and allowed to worship peacefully in their mosque’’.

This statement is issued by the following organisations:

Manchester Council of Mosques: MCOM
Bolton Council of Mosques: BCoM
Rochdale Council of Mosques: RCM
Stockport Muslims
Oldham Mosque Council
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Annual Hajj Talk + Extensive Q&A with Shaykh Abu Eesa Nimatullah:

This WEDNESDAY (19th July) at 9:25pm.

Shaykh Abu Eesa will be delivering his annual hajj talk for those who will be embarking on the blessed journey this year. It will be a very practical and informative session InshaAllah. Shaykh Abu Eesa has been leading Hajj groups for over 10 years, thus he will be sharing things we often don't hear in hajj talks.

Brothers and sisters welcome

Please inform all family and friends who will be performing Hajj this year.
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CMA Weekday Supplementary School Information Session & Vacancies

The CMA weekday supplementary will be holding an information session on Sunday 16th July at 2.00 pm. If you would like to learn more about the madrassah syllabus, structure and philosophy please join us for this short presentation. Parents will also have the opportunity to complete their child’s application form on the day In sha Allah.

Teaching and Admin Vacancies

The CMA weekday supplementary school is seeking to appoint highly motivated teachers with experience in teaching Quran, Islamic studies or Arabic to children aged 4-11.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate excellent knowledge of Islam and an ability to inspire students to learn the Quran and Islamic practices using a variety of teaching pedagogies. Good communication skills and excellent interpersonal skills are essential requirements to ensure that children are supported to achieve their maximum potential as well as engaged and enthused to learn about Islam.

We have positions available in the following subject areas:

1 – Islamic Studies
2 – Quran/Tajweed
3 – Arabic Language

In addition to the teaching positions we are also seeking to appoint a part-time administrator to carry out the admin tasks associated with running the weekday supplementary school.

Please find detailed job descriptions in the links below.

To apply for any of the positions send your CV to clearly stating which subject area you are interested in teaching - or state ‘Admin’ if you wish to apply for the admin role.

Download teacher job description:

Download admin job description:
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Peace be upon you all.

Please join us for our next Interfaith event at Cheadle Mosque with our friends from St Mary's Church in Wilmslow who have jointly organised this event.

They very kindly hosted us some months back, so we wish to return their hospitality at Cheadle.

Please do join us for this programme where we will be covering the importance of "Caring for one another" - and how our respective faiths emphasise the importance of this. There will of course be time for networking over cake and biscuits....

All are very welcome to attend. The programme starts at 8pm.

Look forward to welcoming you there God Willing.
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A lovely touching message from one of the guests at the Wellspring. Such kind works help motivate us to keep on spreading good deeds, to continue trying to make other smile and to keep on serving up this video whenever you need a little boost.

May God bless this man and all the wonderful volunteers at the Wellspring.
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The Eid Dash continues...

Now we are with our friends at the Wellspring - Eid Dinner and gifts being shared....
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Cheadle Mosque's Eid Dash - some pictures to share..... ... See MoreSee Less

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Cheadle Mosque shared their video. ... See MoreSee Less

Eid Mubarak - Cheadle Mosque's Eid Dash! It has a lovely Eid, a time of celebration, for friends, families and neighbours to come together and enjoy each other's company, build family ties, share gif...

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Eid Mubarak - Cheadle Mosque's Eid Dash!

It has a lovely Eid, a time of celebration, for friends, families and neighbours to come together and enjoy each other's company, build family ties, share gifts and devour a myriad of tasty snacks!

At Cheadle, you will all know we love to share (especially food)- indeed we love to share the Joy of Eid. So once we had polished off our third slice of Eid carrot cake, our volunteers sprung into action to spread a little happiness.

So began our "Eid Dash...."

Today - we were privileged to join the pupils at Prospect Vale Primary School in sharing Eid Cake with all 270 pupils. That's a lot of cake - but we are really grateful to the teachers and pupils for hosting us.

It's lovely to be able to share the Eid celebration - indeed it brings all of us together as one community.

Next up - we joined the "Eid Unwrapped" team to drop off toys at Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital.
Being in hospital is never easy, especially when you are young, we hoped that sharing some toys and gifts might help alleviate the hardship that little bit.

We are so grateful to the Cheadle Mosque congregation for generously donating so many lovely presents....there were so many - we needed a trolley to cart them around. The hospital staff were lovely and the gifts are en route to the Renal Dialysis Unit - we hope that everyone enjoys them.

We also got to wear a lovely set of green ears - I am not quite sure why - but they looked rather stylish so we couldn't resist.

Next our dash will take us to the Wellspring Soup Kitchen - where we hope to be serving up a scrumptious Eid Dinner for those in need and the homeless. The menu's a surprise and we have got more pressies too!

It's going to be a long day - but we can't imagine a better day - doing a good turn for another is what we should be all about - this is reflected in the Qur'an

Allah (God) says :

“Worship God and join none with Him in worship, and do good to parents, kinsfolk, orphans, the poor, the neighbour who is near of kin, the neighbour who is a stranger, the companion by your side, the wayfarer (you meet).." (Quran 4:36)

Making people happy - spreading a smile gives such a great feeling inside - little can match it.

The Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) said : “To smile in the face of your brother is charity given on your behalf.” (Bukhari)

It's been a great day - but the Eid Dash hasn't stopped there - there is still curry and cake to share. Watch this space for more Eid antics.....

May God keep us all smiling!
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Cheadle Mosque updated their cover photo. ... See MoreSee Less

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Eid Mubarak from everyone at Cheadle Mosque.

May you all of have a blessed day.

Masha'Allah our imam and chairman look the part today 🙂
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Eid Mubarak.

We are pleased to confirm that Eid al-Fitr will be tomorrow - Sunday 25th June In-sha'Allah.

Eid Mubarak and may Allah (swt) accept all our fasting, prayer, Qur'an and charity and whatever good deeds carried our purely for His pleasure.

Eid Salah tomorrow will be at :

8am - led by Shaykh Salim Astewani

9:30am - led by Imam Abid Khan

11:00am - led by Shaykh Abu Islam

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow Insha'Allah.

Please could we kindly remind you to respect our neighbours and park appropriately. Much appreciated as always.

May Allah (swt) bless you and all your families.

Jazaka'Allah Khairan

Cheadle Mosque
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We would like to extend our gratitude and warm wishes to all those who have expressed their support to the Muslim community and Cheadle Mosque following the terrorist attack outside Finsbury Park Mosque last Monday.

Your support and words mean a lot to us - indeed we are one community and we will not be divided. Terrorism is indiscriminate - it has no faith and indeed it can come from many different places. This is all the more reason for us to be united and to never allow those who promote hate to break us.

God Bless you all and May God keep us close.

A special blessing to the lovely neighbours who brought flowers and cards to the Mosque.

You have made our day!
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*Final Family Talk & Iftar of Ramadan 2017*

Join us this Friday (23rd June) for a night of Quran, reflections and reminders with the world renowned Sheikh Abu Bakr Shatri.

Friday night will be the 29th night of Ramadan and could potentially be laylat'l qadr. It may also be the last night of Ramadan 2017, so please join us with your families from *8:30pm.*

Reminders by Imam Abid Khan and Ustadh Rehan Salim.

Full Iftar provided and everyone welcome.

*Please note, unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances we will not have the crèche available tonight. However, parents with young children can sit in the house/marquee and still listen to the talks.
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Short reminder delivered by Imam Abid on the 27th Night of Ramadan last year. Have a listen... ... See MoreSee Less

Short Reminder on Repentance delivered by Ustadh Abid Khan on the 27th Night of Ramadan. There is always hope. Well worth a listen.

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Terrorist Attacks Muslim Worshippers

The terrorist attack targeting Muslims worshippers as they left Mosques last night was a heinous, cowardly and brutal criminal act. It is reported that one Muslim has sadly died and about ten people have been seriously injured.

It is reported that one of the attackers shouted out he wanted to “kill all Muslims”. This is not just a hate crime. This is undoubtedly terrorism. The nature of the attack using a van driven at Muslims - targeting worshippers leaving Mosque after late evening prayers during the month of Ramadan - suggests it was preplanned and premeditated to cause the greatest loss of innocent life.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families in this difficult time and Mosques will be offering prayers for the victims.

As always we express our support for our emergency services and the police who serve on the frontline.

Terrorism aims to divide communities and attempts to create fear and suspicion. As always we will stand united with one another and not let these criminals divide us. Their twisted ultranationalist and patriotic ideology has no place in any of our communities.

However, this act of terrorism did not come out of a vacuum.
The Muslim communities up and down this country has been unequivocal in our words and actions in showing support to the victims of terrorism and also challenging terrorism irrespective of the perpetrators’ background. However we have sometimes not seen the same level of consistency or seriousness when terrorism is perpetrated by the Far Right and Ultranationalist from some politicians or from sections of the media. We have previously advised and warned successive Governments and the Police to take this threat seriously.

We need to know from the Government and the Police what actions they intend to take to keep Muslims and Mosques safe. We need to know who the perpetrators were and whether they were being monitored. We need to know whether anyone in their community they lived in or place of worship they attended reported them to the police for being involved in terrorism related activity. We need to know what organisations are or were they members of and which marches they attended.

Many will be asking and demanding answers to these and many more questions.

In the wake of recent attacks in Manchester and London we saw and read a daily diatribe of negative and malicious news stories about Muslims and Mosques. We saw those in authority and influence accuse Muslims and Mosques of needing to do more to stop terrorism when Muslims have done a great deal to keep our country safe including individuals reporting those suspected of being involved in terrorism to the police.

Many will now hold accountable senior government officials, journalists, senior police officers and former police officers and all those who disguise themselves under the cloak of countering extremism, who have over the years and in recent weeks stigmatised and demonised Muslims communities and Mosques, for contributing in creating a poisoned atmosphere against Muslims and Mosques and feeding into an ideology of terror and hate against Muslims and Mosques.

Earlier this year, we have previously met with and urged senior police officers in Greater Manchester to step up and increase patrols in and around Mosques. We encourage Mosque officials to work with the local neighbourhood police to increase patrols and to set up security measures around Mosques. We ask everyone to remain vigilant.

The cohesion of our communities is clear, Britain has just celebrated 110,000 “Great Get Together” events over the last couple of days, Mosques have been opening their doors to neighbours sharing food and good times with one another – it is clear that there is so much that unites us and we must all continue to develop these bonds of cohesion.

Qadir Cohan - Chair Manchester Council of Mosques commented, “This was another unprovoked terrorist attack on people going about their daily lives . Our thoughts are first and foremost with the victims and their families. We support the emergency services in their work. The people of Britain have been a great example in uniting and not allowing hate mongers to divide us, we must all continue in this vain.”

Yousef Dar - Stockport Muslims commented, "The tragic event unfortunately shows that some of our media treat terrorism differently depending upon the ethnicity or faith of the perpetrators. This appears to have been a clearly focused attack on Muslims and the manner in which was carried out should indicate it is a terrorist attack. It was disappointing to hear some media outlets term it differently from other similar attacks.”

Imteyaz Ali - Bolton Council Mosques commented, “Whilst we are at the early stages of the investigation, we hope that this matter like all such attacks will be treated as a terrorist attack. We are in the month of Ramadhan, a month of peace and forgiveness, when the vast majority of Muslims are engaged in fasting and prayers. Our thoughts are with the victims, families and the emergency services who are stretched to the limit in dealing with all that has happened.”

Tahir Mahmood, Chair - Rochdale Council of Mosques commented: "We are saddened that yet again terrorists have taken innocent lives on our streets. We must unite in these difficult times to show support for those who have been affected. Our prayers and thoughts are with the victims and their families of these heinous attacks. We trust that the media and politicians will be consistent in their actions and words. "

This statement is issued by the following organisations:

Manchester Council of Mosques - Mr Qadir Chohan (Chair of MCOM) 07904 092 748

Bolton Council of Mosques - Mr Ibrahim Kala (BCoM) 07525 048 346

Rochdale Council of Mosques - Mr Dobir Miah (RCM) 07764 614 031

Stockport Muslims - Mr Yousef Dar (Stockport Muslims) 07833 494 088

Oldham Council of Mosques
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The Cheadle Mosque Great Get Together!

Wow! What a night we enjoyed at Cheadle Mosque as part of the Great Get Together. The event inspired by the example of the late Jo Cox MP, was to bring people and communities together.

It undoubtedly did that!

We were blessed to have over 140 wonderful people (probably more but we stopped counting!) to join us for Dinner at Dusk and listen to inspiring talks from our unsung heroes.

The environment was so warm and engaging - it was one big party! We were able to break our fast together with traditional dates and water, pray the sunset pray and then enjoy some lovely Moroccan cuisine (and a bit of extra Subway!) together.

What a lovely night - may God bless everyone who attended and contributed to the event - it demonstrated that we are one community - one humanity. Our shared values will always unite us.

We hope to see you again soon God Willing - don't forget the Eid Extravanganza and Open Day on Saturday 9th September.
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Family Talk and Iftar - Saturday 17th June

Join us for our next Family Talk and Iftar this Saturday at 8:30pm.

Alhamdulillah these iftars have provided us with a lovely atmosphere in getting the community together and breaking fast collectively.

The talk this week will be delivered by our own Imam Abid and will be on lessons from the life of Prophet Ibrahim (AS).

The kids love these events too Ma sha Allah!

Creche available and delicious Iftar provided.
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Zakat for Yemen

I don't often cry, but no one could not feel this father's pain on watching this video on the crisis in Yemen.

To see your child die from cholera - which is essentially a disease that can be prevented through access to clean drinking water - has to be one of the worst things a parent can imagine. Yet this is opening today in 2017.

Yemen has been forgotten by the world - it is up to me and you to remember those that are suffering.
This year Cheadle Mosque's Ramadhan Zakat project aims to do just that In-sha'Allah.....

Please support us so that we can help the :

- 17 million people are in need of food assistance
- 3 million people are internally displaced
- Those that have no access to clean drinking water and a lack of access to medical services

44,000 people have died since the conflict in March 2015.

Please let no further children die from a lack of action - please let each and every one of us do what we can.. please we beg of you donate what you can. Your reward is with your Lord.

You can donate directly to Human Appeal International or through Cheadle Mosque. Account details available through the office or by messaging us.

May Allah(swt) bless you for that you do.
Jazaka'Allah Khairan

Cheadle Mosque.
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Right now in Yemen thousands of children are dying. A deadly cholera epidemic is sweeping the country, claiming more and more innocent lives everyday. Hospitals are unable to cope with the the epidemi...

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Cheadle Mosque updated their cover photo. ... See MoreSee Less

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