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Cheadle Mosque Has Got Talent

An exciting event  celebrating the talent of our young people. We are know there is a lot of a talent out there – and we would really like to showcase these abilities ...

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New Al Ma'rifah Foundation Courses

We are pleased to announce a new set of courses for February 2018.

Our 8 week programme will consist of 2 courses of 45 mins each;

1) Stories from the Qur'an
2) Al-Aqeedah al-Tahaawiyyah

Start date: Thursday 15th February 7.10pm - 9.10pm inshaAllah.

Course Fee: £25 (Covers both courses)

Course Instructors: Ust. Abid Khan, Shaykh Anis Gouissem and Ust. Rehan Salim.

Course Location: Cheadle Mosque

Limited Spaces: Our last course sold out with 50 students registering

To register: Sign up at

Alternatively, you can email:
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For those who missed the Fiqh of Death - Part 1 lecture, please find the recording below.

Part 2 will take place this Friday (19th Jan) after Isha Salah (8pm).

In Part 2 we will cover:

- The Islamic Guidelines on Grieving
- T'aziyah (Offering Condolences)
- Acts which benefit the deceased

We look forward to seeing you all on Friday InshaAllah.
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***Fiqh of Death***

A New 3-Part Series on the Fiqh of Death Starts This Friday 12th January - 8pm

A very important series in which we will discuss:

Sickness and the final moments
What to do when someone dies
Islamic guidelines on grieving
Washing and shrouding the body
The Janazah prayer
Etiquettes of burial
Acts which benefit the deceased
And more

Delivered by Imam Abid Khan

Brothers and Sisters Welcome

Please share with others...
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Cheadle Mosque Mentoring - Mentors required please!

Jabir reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The believer is kind and gracious, for there is no goodness in one who is neither kind nor gracious. The best of people are those who are most beneficial to people.” (Al-Mu'jam Al-Awsat)

On the basis of the Hadith, Cheadle Mosque is working on a project for us to help our youth - (aged 16 – 21 years) to achieve their full potential. Our aim is to help our young people to gain career guidance and mentoring directly from those who have already established themselves in their careers.

The project will also involve workshops on work ethic in Islam, confidence building, and other softer skills to ensure our youth are supported and confident in whatever profession they choose to pursue.

We are therefore seeking experienced mentors (brothers & sisters) from a range of professions to assist us in ensuring our youth are given valuable and accurate career guidance, and the opportunity to ask the questions and gain an understanding of what the role involves, but also the skills and attributes required to be successful in the role.

For our mentors, this is undoubtedly an opportunity to benefit others - your time will no doubt count as Sadaqah Jariyah in developing the future of our young people – you will undoubtedly be helping the community progress and develop.

The project won't take much of your time (a maximum of one meeting every quarter at CMA) and for those volunteers we have, they feel this a simple of giving something back to the community.

Your information will be held securely and we of course won't share any personal contact information – there will be no Spam emails.

If you are interested in being a mentor, and developing our future leaders, please do let us know, you can complete your details online by completing the "Mentor form" available from our website (Media tab then Downloads) and emailing the form directly to us or by enquiring at the Mosque Office.

Guidance around being a mentor is also available from "Downloads."

We really appreciate your help.

Jazaka'Allah Khairan.
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An exciting event celebrating the talent of our young people. We all know there is a lot of a talent out there - and we would really like to showcase these abilities and encourage our young people to develop their many skills. We know they will make us proud Insha'Allah - so please do get involved.

There are 4 categories of competition -

1) Qur'an Recitation
2) The Spoken Word - Nasheeds, Poetry, Short Story
3) Physical Skill - Football Skills, Juggling, Acrobatics, Martial Art skills etc.
4) Bake Off - Baking a fabulous cake creation

For each of the above talents, there will be two age (as of March 3rd 2018) categories :

- Aged 5 - 10
- Aged 11 - 15

The winner of each (age-grouped) talent category will take away £100 in prize money - so there are 8 prizes available in total - this is the big-time! It's not quite Britain Has Got Talent but we are getting there!

The main final will be held at the prestigious EIC on Saturday 3rd March 2018 but qualifying heats will take place on 11th February at Cheadle Mosque.

Tickets will be on sale very soon for the final - where all members of the community can attend and support our youngsters in sharing their talent - (3 course meal provided - £130 for a table of 10)

Sponsorship opportunities are also available - please email the office if you might be interested.

There will be further updates via Cheadle Mosque's social media and at the Masjid, but if you would like to compete, please download the application form and send it into the office -

We expect there will be a lot of demand, so please do apply as soon as possible as there are limited spaces.

Jazaakum Allahu Khayrun
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6TH YEAR : ANNUAL LEGAL UPDATE, 13th January 2018, 8pm after Isha at Cheadle Mosque.

To be delivered by Nasir Hafezi, Solicitor, Stephen Lickrish and Associates.

This important update will cover many important legal matters that affect us both individually and as a community. It is key that we are aware of such changes so that we can manage them accordingly and speak out or tackle them if needed. Everyone of course is welcome and hot buffet is provided.









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Maths GCSE Revision Sessions @ CMA

See poster below for further details...
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*Family Story Time Tour @ CMA*

We are really excited to be hosting the Manchester leg of the 'Family Story Time Tour' this Friday at 6:30pm.

Please join us for an evening of inspiration as we are taken back in time through some of the most intriguing stories in Islamic History.

We will be joined by a great line up of international speakers:

Shaykh Sajid Umar (KSA)
Shaykh AbdulBary Yahya (USA)
Shaykh Abdur-Raheem McCarthy (USA)
Shaykh Asim Khan (UK)

A great event for the whole family. Hot food will be served after the programme InshaAllah.

Please share with others...
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**Boys Youth Qiyam**

This Sunday (24th Dec) - 8pm-11:30pm

Join us for the last youth qiyam of the year!

Food - Games - Reminders - Qiyam

Strictly 14+
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***CMA's 2nd Annual Seerah Conference***

Join us this Saturday for what's sure to be a great evening for the whole family. The Prophet (Salla Allahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam) was the most perfect example for mankind. We will learn about the Prophet (Salla Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam) as a husband, a leader, a teacher, a murrabi, an upholder of justice and a mercy for humanity.

Alhumdulillah we will be joined by some excellent speakers:

Shaykh Sulayman Van Ael (Ark Institute, London)
Shaykh Imtiyaz Damiel (Abu Hanifah Foundation, Blackburn)
Shaykh Hasan Ali (Safar Academy, London)
Shaykh Siddiq Munshi (Blackstone Academy, Oldham)
Imam Abid Khan (Cheadle Mosque)

Saturday 23rd December: 5pm - 8pm

Hot Buffet Provided

Creche available for children aged 3-8
*Limited spaces

We look forward to seeing you all this Saturday InshaAllah.
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***Sisters Only Talk and Q&A with Shaykh Sulayman Van Ael***

Friday 22nd December - 7pm
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As-salâmu 'alaykum wa rahmatullâhi wa barakâtuhu

We pray that you are well.

Alhamdolillah, thuma Alhamdolillah, we are sure that you are aware, we have had fantastic news -

With your du'as and support, the planning application for the Rebuilding of Cheadle Masjid has been approved. We congratulate all our Brothers and Sisters on this great occasion.

However we do need to point out there is still a long process to the actual building process. We now need to go through the detailed design procedure to ensure we have a Mosque that both fulfills the community's needs and is also cost-effective. We have already started this process but such a project does take considerable time. Once this is in place, we will then be working together, towards raising the funds to bring the new Mosque to fruition In sha' Allah.

We will keep you updated and in the meantime, we can reassure you that all your donations towards this project have been ring fenced and are safe.

Please make continued du'a for the success of the project.

Wa-assalâmu 'alaykum wa rahmatullâhi wa barakâtuhu,

Cheadle Mosque Team
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Busy Holiday Period @ CMA

Alhamdulillah we have organised a few events for the upcoming holidays:

- Friday 22nd Dec - 7pm: Lessons from Surah An-Nur + Q&A by Shaykh Sulayman Van Ael. Please note this is a *sisters only* session.

- Friday 22nd Dec - 8pm: The Story of Dhul Qarnayn by Shaykh Sulayman Van Ael.

- Saturday 23rd Dec - 10am - 1pm: Maqra'a (Recital) of al-Arbaeen an-Nawawiyyah and al-Itqan fi Nutqi Ba'dh alFadh al-Quran.

- Saturday 23rd Dec - 5pm: CMA's 2nd Annual Seerah Conference - Speakers include: Shaykh Sulayman Van Ael, Shaykh Hasan Ali, Shaykh Imtiyaz Damiel and Shaykh Siddiq Munshi.

- Friday 29th Dec - 8pm-11pm: Girls and Boys Youth Qiyams (Strictly 14+)

- Sunday 31st Dec - 9am: CMA's First Annual Breakfast

We look forward to seeing you all soon 🙂

Further details for all events on the posters below....
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*CMA's 2nd Annual Seerah Conference*

Alhamdulillah we are pleased to invite you to our second annual Seerah conference taking place on Saturday 23rd December, InshaAllah.

Join us for an evening of inspiration and immersion into the life of the epitome of perfection.

We have an amazing line up of speakers this year who will be sharing with us different aspects of the life of Rasul-Allah and what practical lessons we can learn from these different aspects of His blessed life.

Speakers include: Shaykh Sulayman Van Ael, Shaykh Imtiyaz Damiel, Shaykh Hasan Ali, Shaykh Siddiq Munshi and our own Imam Abid.

Quran Recitation - Talks - Nasheeds - Full Meal

All Welcome - Free Entry
Creche available for children aged 3-8

Doors open at 5pm
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***Part 2 of Stories from Surah al-Kahf***

Friday 8th December - 8pm

Story: The Owner of the 2 Gardens!

Everyone welcome
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***New 4-Part Series***

Stories from Surah al-Kahf

Join us for this new 4-part series as Imam Abid takes us through the 4 incredible stories contained within Surah al-Kahf.

Starts this Friday 1st December - 8pm

Everyone welcome
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Stories from Surah al-Kahf

December 1, 2017, 8:00pm - December 22, 2017, 9:00pm

***New 4-Part Series*** Stories from Surah al-Kahf Join us for this new 4-part series as Imam Abid takes us through the 4 incredible stories contained within Surah al-Kahf. Starts this Friday 1st ...

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OFSTED and Hijaab

The Greater Manchester Muslim Communities have grave concerns following the statement by the Head of OFSTED that its inspectors will now question Muslim primary school girls who wear the hijab as to why they choose to do so.

This OFSTED policy is deeply concerning for a number of reasons:

Firstly, for the Head of OFSTED to suggest that young girls who wear the hijab “could be interpreted as sexualisation of young” is completely flawed. The wearing of the hijab is a religious practice which is not an obligation on girls until they attain puberty. Parents who dress their young daughters in hijab do so to accustom them to wearing it in later life. The wearing of hijab is a practice signifying religious observance. To suggest that the hijab sexualises young girls is abhorrent.

Secondly, we are deeply troubled that the head of OFSTED appears to have based a policy which will have far-reaching consequences on the opinion of a vocal minority who make unfounded claims about hijab and have concluded that the hijab has “no place in our primary schools”. As a public servant, the Head of OFSTED has failed to consult with a wide range of grassroots community groups. Had OFSTED carried out a thorough consultation it would have found that many Muslim women wear the hijab out of a sense of liberation and empowerment.

Thirdly, OFSTED has no business in interfering in the parental responsibility over their children and the religious practices of parents who dress their girls. We strongly believe the questioning of Muslim girls will be unfair and discriminatory. We also add that we would challenge OFSTED inspectors who seek to question Jewish boys wearing the kippah or Sikh boys covering their hair.

Fourthly, the questioning of girls who wear the hijab by OFSTED inspectors can only lead to these vulnerable girls feeling singled-out; they will inevitably be stigmatised in the process. We also fear, based on the rising litany of anti-Muslim hate crime in schools, that the trenchant bullying of Muslim girls will escalate to fever pitch.

Therefore, in the light of the OFSTEDS intentions to question girls who wear the hijab and for our deep concern for the safety of Muslim communities, we advise the following:

Our advice to OFSTED

- To consult widely with grass roots communities who are well-placed to give a balanced view on subjects relating to Islamic faith and practice.
- To not base its policies on the opinion of a vocal minority who are disconnected from grass-roots communicates and who exhibit an intolerant, unsound and incoherent understanding of Islam and Muslim practice.
- To implement its stated role of supporting schools and pupils and not to use its privileged status to engineer social change which will only result in pupils feeling alienated and bullied.

Our advice to schools

- We advise schools to instead permit parents to exercise their parental responsibility and allow their daughters to wear the hijab without interference from the school or OFSTED.

Our advice to Parents

- Do not to allow your daughters to be subject to questioning by OFSTED inspectors about your daughter wearing the hijab.
- To make your concerns known to your school immediately using the formal channels. We urge you to contact your local council, local councillors and local MPs and to signal, very strongly, that you refuse to allow OFSTED inspectors to question your daughters about the wearing of the hijab.

Our advice to Government, MPs and local councillors

- We advise the Government and elected representatives that the concerns highlighted by Parliamentarians before the Head of OFSTED’s confirmation have become manifest, namely, that she is unfit to lead OFSTED and further, she lacks even a basic understanding of communities and Islam. Her comments are un-British, absurd and will inevitably be counterproductive, because they only reinforce prejudice against Muslims.

Sadly, we have all witnessed the rising tide of anti-Muslim propaganda; Muslims have become the greatest victims of hate crime. OFSTED can play a critical role in dismantling this “factory of fear” by supporting schools in tackling Islamophobia head on. However, OFSTED must work with communities and not against them.

Together, we can make Britain a safer, more tolerant place where all our children can thrive.

This statement is issued by the following organisations:

Manchester Council of Mosques

Stockport Muslims

Bolton Council of Mosques

Oldham Mosques Council

Rochdale Council of Mosques
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